Project Mingo Shelter

A little over 20 years ago, the Logan Rotary Club helped finance and build the shelter house at Mingo Park between the baseball fields and the children’s playground area. While the City of Logan did put on a new roof 2 years ago, the rafters supporting the roof have now become loose or broken due to age and people hanging from them. Rotarian Jim Robinson saw the need for the repairs but knew the city had many other repair projects that took priority. So Rotarian Jim took the opportunity to help by taking the project idea to his fellow club members.

With the members and financial support from the Logan Rotary Club, the rafters have now all been permanently repaired with new 2×4’s and bolts. The beat up gutters were also taken down to allow water to disperse evenly around the structure instead of pooling in one spot where the downspout was broken off.

Thank you Rotarian Jim for tackling this worthy project!

Do you have a project or would like to help with projects like this? Consider becoming a Rotarian today and see how much of a difference you can make!

Luncheon 4-13-2015

A lovely Spring day made for a festive atmosphere at lunch today – or was it that chance to win over $700 in the attendance drawing?

Guests for the day were Julie Stuck, CEO for Hocking Valley Community Hospital; Paula Stewart, Asst. Vice-president from Citizens Bank and Clay Enslen, Administrator from Logan Health Care Center.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was masterful in his handling of this exceptionally tense drawing – and the small pot of $20 went to the Kienzle table! New member James Martin was tapped to draw for the BIG POT of $734 (the last BIG POT winner was a new member), but he was only able to find the ten of hearts. We could hit $750 by the next luncheon – be there or BE A LOSER!


Larry Kienzle accepted the $20 lottery pot donation by the entire table in lieu of the traditional lottery fine. Pres. Doug was hit with a $1 fine for almost forgetting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by another fine for not offering Larry an additional beverage as he did the others at the table.

Lucy Burcham was fined for not publishing enough pictures of Rotarians in the paper, and Mark Hamon, Russ Rittgers and Andy McGhee paid the price for not having Pancake tickets in the possession.

Happy Bucks: Dick Brandt was bragging about a wonderful family vacation in both Arizona and California; Valery was happy to have had a beautiful weekend; Susan Aldridge is counting down the days until her next trip to Disney (on Wednesday) and Lucy Burcham is celebrating her 27th anniversary and her daughter’s bridal shower.


Pancake Feast – sign up sheet was being passed around today. Be sure to get your spot and/or call Pres. Doug to let him know when you can work.

Next week – no lunch, but Highway Clean Up at 5:15 at Kachelmacher Park. For new members, please wear work clothes – long pants, boots/tennis shoes/gloves and anything else you might need on the side of the road! We need 16 people to get done in 45 minutes, then everyone goes to Pizza Crossing for a fun dinner!

Future programs: 4/20 – Highway Clean Up; 4/27 Steve Stirn; 5/4 Pam Miller.


Today’s program was presented by Lucy Burcham. Her speakers for the day were Deb Thompson and Cathy Blackstone from the American Cancer Society. They both spoke eloquently about their personal experiences with cancer and why they are involved with the American Center Society.

Their main focus today was to remind us of the upcoming Relay for Life. The event is scheduled for June 6th. The first part of the event is the “Trot for Life” dedicated to Neil Shaw which begins at Noon. There is also a memorial Luminary Walk at 9pm.

Both ladies urged us all to get involved as corporate sponsors or as sponsors of a team or an individual walker. We thank them both, as well as all of the other volunteers involved in this event, for all of their tireless efforts.

Thanks Deb, Cathy and Lucy for a great program!

Luncheon 4-6-2015

Another small group today – nobody wants a chance at that over $700 attendance pot? That’s okay – better odds for those of us who do come!

“Rev. McGreevy” was AOL today, so Pres. Doug became “Rev/ Doug” for the day, and did a fine job of praying us in to dinner! Our guest today was Paul Stewart, Assistant Vice-President at Citizens Bank.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson had Paula draw a winning ticket, and awarded the small pot of $23 to the triumvirate of Joe Murtha/Marsha James/Doug Fisher. It seems to be that last week Murtha & McGreevy won the small pot, sitting at the check in table. Now Murtha & Fisher (plus Marsha) were sitting there and won – is there some hanky-panky at the check in table????? Luckily for the three of them, Marsha James only drew the Three of Hearts! The BIG POT of $734 went unclaimed, and will grow higher next week!


Pres. Doug neglected to cover this assignment until the last minute when Susan Aldridge was drafted. That’s okay, he got fined for it! In addition to the regular lottery fine, Marsha James was fined for “two-timing” her regular table group by throwing in with Murtha and Fisher. Several individuals were fined for not having their Pancake tickets with them, and almost EVERYONE was fined for not being present at the Fishing Day event and helping.

Birthdays – Pam Cote and Larry Menchoffer (two!)

Happy Bucks: Kathy Krumlauf paid for commercial time: sheets were passed out to remind individuals that it is time to re-assign their Kroger benefits to a chosen non-profit, and she asked them to consider HVCH Foundation; sponsorship forms for HVCH Foundation Garden Affair were distributed and the HVCH community exercise program was promoted. Jim Robinson donated a buck in hopes that Wisconsin would beat Duke in the March Madness Finals.


Damon Kuhn announced that all went well in spite of the weather and there is a $120 surplus this year. The State Park is attempting to get the access to Rose Lake improved so handicapped individuals can reach the lake and Damon is hoping the Club could contribute to this project. Also, he has learned that there are some benefits available through ODNR is there is a “Certified Fishing Instructor” at the event, so he is looking into taking the class for this certification. We wish him well!

Pancake Feast – all is in order, so SELL THOSE TICKETS!!

April 20th – Highway Clean Up. This is our 1st of the year clean up event and Dave Snipes reminds us that we need 16 members to complete the clean up effectively and efficiently. Clean Up is followed by dinner at Pizza Crossing. Please mark your calendars and make an effort to be at this community service project.

Future programs: 4/13 – Lucy Burcham; 4/20 – No meeting-Highway Clean Up; 4/27 – Steve Stirn; 5/4 – Pam Miller.


Today’s program was presented by Jim Rogers. Jim introduced Ms. Betty Young, Interim President at Hocking College to the club and asked her to share with us some of the recent developments at the college.

Betty is originally from this area (Marietta) and said being at Hocking College feels like coming home. In addition to serving at the Interim President, Betty is also a finalist for the position of President.

Betty gave us lots of interesting statistics about 2 year colleges and graduation rates, but overall, percentage-wise, more students complete their four year degree if they began at a two year college! Very interesting! Hocking College has stabilized their student population at 3500 this spring and they have balanced their budget, albeit with some very hard cuts.

Betty has been working very hard on better utilizing the Logan Campus of Hocking College. In addition to partnering with the Logan-Hocking Chamber of Commerce to provide office space and expanded programing for local business persons through the Chamber, Hocking College is planning many new programs for the Logan campus. Welding will be a new program brought to this campus, as well as “Mechatronics” – a training program for 21st century plant managers and maintenance personnel. They will also be introducing a course for Office Management and an STNA training class will be available here (required for anyone applying to the Hocking College nursing program).

Possible new courses of study being looked at for Hocking College include a Dental Hygienist program and Vet Tech training. The College will also be adding intercollegiate sports in order to offer students a more rounded collegiate experience. They will support teams in football, volleyball, basketball and archery. Works is continuing to create the new Corporate Retreat Center in place of the old Inn at Hocking College and they are now offering “Leisure Learning” opportunities through the College web site.

All this and many more things are happening at the new and improved Hocking College. Thanks to Betty and Jim for bringing us this wonderful program.

Luncheon 3-30-2015

Lots of people last week, but very few this week – where’d everybody go?


Lottery Master Jim Robinson conducted the attendance drawing. The small pot of $19 went to the Murtha/McGreevy combo. Luckily for them, Mike McGreevy only pulled the Jack of Spades, not the Ace. No winner, and the BIG POT will continue to grow from $711 to even more!


Larry Kienzle did his usual thing, starting with a few bucks from McGreevy for the lottery win. He once again took $1 from Kathy Krumlauf for getting her pic in the paper too often. He tapped Mike McGreevy and Russ Rittgers for not having their Pancake tickets with them.

Happy Bucks came from Mark Hamon, who got to attend his first AAU basketball tournament; Damon Kuhn gave kudos to HVCH for their treatment of his father in his time of need; Bob Lilley wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Citizens Bank building where we store our pancake grills, etc. is for sale. We will need a new location to store all of these items. Put your thinking caps on so we can make this move soon! Jim Robinson gave a happy buck in honor of two Big 10 teams making it to the Final Four this year.


Damon said Friday was on target for a successful Fishing Day – hoping for good weather this year. He still needs help on Friday morning at 8 am to do the set up. Report to Rose Lake Dam if you have an hour or two to help.

Pancake Feast – everything is going well – JUST SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Upcoming programs: 4/6 – Jim Rogers; 4/13 – Lucy Burcham; 4/20 – Highway Clean Up; 4/27 – Steve Stirn.

Tuesday, April 7 – Board meeting at The Home Tavern at 5:30. Everyone is welcome.


Today’s program was presented by Jim Robinson. Jim distributed copies of some of the information in the recently completed survey by AdvancED Accreditation Commission. This survey is conducted every 5 years and is a comprehensive measurement of the effectiveness of Logan High School policies, procedures, curriculum and teachers. LHS is covered by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission which consists of 32,000 different education organization.

The process begins with a self evaluation, and that is followed by an actual property visit by an impartial panel of 7 education professionals. These individuals get to see everything! They talk to students, parents, teachers, administrators. They conducted 61 actual observations in the classroom.

The results were very impressive, with LHS scoring above average in 30 of the 31 established benchmarks of the review. The reports says “the team found the learning environment to be positive, rigorous, and enriched with dedicated teachers who want to offer a challenging, supportive and successful learning for their students. The team’s overall observations confirmed that Logan High School has encouraged a culture of students who enjoy learning.”

Congratulations to Jim and his staff for this excellent report!

Luncheon 3-23-2015

What a great day! Four full tables and multiple guests – what FUN!

Today’s guests included Shawna Stump, Asst. District Governor, Clay Gentzel, new Administrator at Logan Health Care and Amy Campbell, Admissions Director at Logan Health Care.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was amazed by an $18 small pot! Shawna pulled the winning ticket belonging to Andy McGhee – and thankfully for the rest of us, Andy DID NOT pull the Ace of Spades so the BIG POT continues to grow – should be over $700 next week! BE THERE or you don’t have a chance to win!


Larry Kienzle went to work, starting with Andy McGhee, who donated $5 of his lottery winning back to the Club; Kathy Krumlauf was fined for having her name in the paper too many times, and Andy Good was fined for advertising too much! Bill Rinehart got a pass for his picture and article in the paper, because he DID mention that he was a Rotarian! Cell phone users fined at the Kienzle table: Susan Aldridge, Van Cardaras, Joy Davis and James Martin (and he’s not even a member yet). Russ Rittgers, Doug Fisher, Jake Hill and Mark Hamon paid $1 for not having their Pancake Tickets with them.

Happy Bucks: Mark Hamon was happy to share a night at the NCAA Round 3 basketball games in Columbus with his son; Andy Good paid to announce that there were still tickets available for his upcoming concert at LHS on April 2nd; Jim Robinson paid $1 to commend OSU wrestlers for their championship performance; Van Cardaras paid to announce his 60th birthday; Dick Brandt paid to announce his 70th birthday last week; Doug Fisher apologized to James Martin for not introducing him as a guest, but made the mistake of calling him “Mr. Martin”, so he paid $1 for each infraction. Pam Cote was happy to announce she was going to see her daughter on leave next week.


If you don’t have your Pancake Tickets, please see Bob Lilley ASAP. Keep them with you at all times, and SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Damon Kuhn passed out Fishing Day flyers and asked for some donations today. He will need help at 8am on the morning of the event to get stuff down the hill for set up. Fish will arrive between 11:30 and Noon.

Andy McGhee announced that he and Damon Kuhn were planning on participating in the Cardboard City event that will be taking place at the Logan Campus of Hocking College. This is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. If you are interested in participating, give him a call.

Future programs: 3/30 – Jim Robinson; 4/6 – Jim Rogers; 4/13 – Lucy Burcham; 4/20 probable Highway Clean Up.


Today’s program was arranged by Christy Bosch, but introduced by Jim Robinson. He did an excellent job of explaining the YEA! Program (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) and reviewing how the program has been playing out in our area.

This is a long term event, which began last summer with an information session and ended at the end of February with the “Shark Tank” event. Logan’s winner was Bailey Simons. Bailey will be moving on to Regional competition in New York City. Winning at the Shark Tank event resulted in $3400 in investment capital along with a $500 Sam’s Club card. It appears that this amount of investment is a record for the YEA! Program and has been binging the local program a great deal of prestige.

Susan Rinehart was the Directors of the program and Melane Barlow was the Instructor. Bailey stated that they were very instrumental in the success of her presentation. She completed the program by giving us her 6 minute presentation of her project. She did an excellent job and will undoubtedly go far in this competition.

Thanks to Christy, Jim and Bailey for a great program!

Luncheon 2-23-2015

A great day at Rotary! Lots of members in attendance and numerous guests, as well. Joining us today were: James Martin, Columbus Washboard Factory; Greg Vermillion, Citizens Bank; Abbey Saving, Logan City Law Director; Geoff Grimes, Atomic Credit Union. Thank you all for coming!

Our fearless leader, Pres. Doug Fisher, was not in attendance today, so we were being led by President Elect Bill Boone. We don’t have him fully training yet, so he messed up our order of service slightly, but we have time, yet, to whip him into shape!


Lottery Master requested guest Abbey Saving to draw the winning ticket, and the small pot of $14 was awarded to Dan Dozer. Luckily, Dan DID NOT find the right card for the BIG POT of $634, so it continues to grow! You can’t afford to miss out on a chance to win this money – be sure to be at every meeting and buy your tickets!


Sgt. Larry Kienzle took the standard $2 from Dan Dozer for the lottery fine; Bill Boone paid $1 for screwing up the order of the meeting;Joy Davis, Kathy Krumlauf and Steve Stirn all paid $1 each for having their picture in the paper and not telling the world that they were Rotarians; Bill Boone was hit for another buck when he tried to shut down the Sgt at Arms work before he was done.

Happy Bucks: Joy was happy that the Girl Scout cookies were in; Susan Aldridge was happy that Larry didn’t fine her for selling/collecting for Girl Scout cookies; Marsha James was happy it wasn’t snowing (and then Larry took another dollar for keeping the wrong tickets in the attendance drawing); Kathy Krumlauf paid $1 to pass out “Save the Date” notices for the 2nd annual Garden Affair for the Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation; Russ Ritggers was happy to be back at meetings; Jim Robinson was happy to announce that his son, Ralph, had a 61′ throw in the 35lb throw and is now ranked 20th in the nation!


“Less is more”.


Today’s program was presented by Jim Robinson. Jim is the Principal of Logan High School and he brought our current inbound Exchange student, Sergio Barreda, to make a presentation about his time in our country.

Sergio is from a mid-size town in southern Peru called Tacna. He is affiliated with the Tacna Rotary Club and has been here in Logan for approximatel 6 months. At just 16 years old (will be 17 in two months), Sergio is a very impressive young man. His English is remarkable good and he was well prepared with his delivery of his program. He also handled questions from the audience with ease. His video presentation of the sites and sounds of Peru was very interesting. He will return to Peru and college, studying engineering, at the end of his year in the United States.

Thanks, Jim, for giving us the opportunity to get to know Sergio better – and thanks, also, to Sergio for sharing his homeland with us.

Luncheon 10-27-2014

Rotarian Larry Kienzle (left) introduced Rev. Heinz Raidel at this week’s Logan Rotary luncheon. Rev. Raidel from Emanuel Lutheran Church, Hide-A-Way Hills, was the speaker for the program.

Raidel is a second-career minister, having formerly been a teacher. He has a unique way of looking at his new career and life; he also admitted to an addiction to motorcycles. A recent road trip had him trailing an aging mini-van with a bumper sticker that tickled his psyche – it read “Who rescued who?” He challenged us all to think about the positive feelings we get each time we help someone or complete a project and realize that when we give – of our time, our talents or our money – we get so much more! While we are “rescuing” others, they are “rescuing” each of us by allowing us to feel the satisfaction of the job well done.

Raidel challenged us to remember to invite others to join our organization so that they, too, could be “rescued” and experience the positive energy of helping others. The Logan Ohio Rotary Club is comprised of local residents, business and professional persons dedicating their time, talents and efforts for the betterment of the community. Want to get involved or have an interest in joining Rotary, contact President Doug Fisher,

10-6-2014 Luncheon

A dreary day with a storm threatening couldn’t keep a nice group of Rotarians from showing up for lunch. Our guest today was Todd Shelton from Sen. Portman’s office.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson asked Mr. Shelton to chose the winning lottery ticket for the small pot of $12, and the winner was Dan Dozer – his very first time to win! Fortunately for the rest of us, he was unable to find the winning card for the BIG POT of $441!


Larry Kienzle began with the standard $2 lottery fine to Dan Dozer, followed by a $1 fine to Pres. Doug for forgetting to introduce our guest at the appropriate time. Late fines were levied on Jon Mesarch (now that he’s a Past President, he doesn’t need to be on time?), Andy McGhee, John Smith.

Happy Bucks: Doug Wells donated $5 for lots of happy birthdays and other sentiments-he’s been away for a while, Christy Bosch was happy to announce a new granddaughter, born on 9/18 (she’s been away for a while, also!); Doug Fisher paid $1 to announce again that the Health Department has flu vaccine in stock and is giving shots; Kathy Krumlauf was happy to have had a chance to read to her granddaughter’s preschool class, and also gave thanks that they were able to hold the HVCH Car Show, even though it ended early due to weather (and for those who were there, we had the opportunity to enjoy some great food from Chef Moe’s Food truck!); Val was just happy to have a chance to laugh a little on a Monday; Scott Ratliff announced that he successfully completed his Master’s Degree program; Bill Boone gave a plug for the Fairfield County Fair and said to stop by and see him there, right next door to the Clydesdales!; Van Cardaras was ecstatic that the Cleveland Browns managed to win a football game.


Remember – Spaghetti/Chili supper coming up on October 17 at the LHS cafeteria. They can use some more help at 4:30 for the set up. SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Future programs: 10/13 – Holiday (no meeting);10/20 – ????; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle; 11/3 – Autumn Warthman; 11/10 – Marion Riggs.

Words of Wisdom:
Today’s Words of Wisdom were read to the Club from an email received from our foreign exchange student Kierstin Conaway, who is currently in Taiwan. She is enjoying her time there already and learning a lot! If you have a minute, drop her an email of encouragement at


Today’s program was presented by Jake Hill. Jake invited Danielle Arnett, HVCH Wellness Coordinator, to address the Club and update us on the HVCH Wellness programs.

Danielle gave us some background on HVCH and their commitment to employee wellness that began in 2007. Their focus is primarily on prevention in the population, as a whole. They began with implementing annual health assessments for employees, and then developed classes, challenges and initiatives to address the needs of their staff.

Now, HVCH is expanding those Wellness programs and making many of their initiatives available to the general public, as well. One of their newer efforts is the Wellness Calendar. This flyer lists a number of informational classes and physical challenges that any citizen can attend and participate in. You can find the current calendar on Facebook at or visit

Danielle also announced that new physician Dr. Woltz will be starting a running club that he will personally lead.

HVCH is also continuing their Wellness partnerships with the Hocking County employee group and the LHSD employee group. For kids, they are continuing their Whole Fit programs that are implemented in the Before Care group of kids at the Elementary level, and will also keep holding their Whole Fit Camp during the summer. This Camp works on disease prevention through behaviour modification.

Thanks for the update, Danielle, and thanks to Jake Hill for inviting you to address the Club!

9-29-2014 Luncheon

We had a lovely Fall day for our meeting on Monday, but where was everyone? Remember, when you don’t come, WE MISS YOU! And when you don’t come, it makes the Club look bad in the eyes of our program speakers who are speaking to an empty room!


LotteryMaster Jim Robinson has our guest speaker draw the winning ticket for $8 today and the winner was Damon Kuhn. He did NOT manage to find the winning card for the BIG POT!


Sgt. Kienzle started by taking $3 from Damon for the lottery fine (heavy duty fine for being gone so many weeks), plus $1 for not having his badge on. Damon then donated the rest of the $8 to the Club to announce the engagement of his daughter. The wedding is set for next August 16th – of course, we ALL expect an invitation!

Other Happy Bucks: Kathy Krumlauf paid $1 to advertise the HVCH Foundation Car Show coming up on Saturday, October 4. Lots of great door prizes, gorgeous cars, and special guest Chief Moe Michaels in her food truck “Bernadette”! She will be serving all of her old favorites from her Brass Ring days from her truck. Be there or be square!

John Smith shared that his son is no longer burdened with having an undefeated season at Bexley (So Sorry John!); Doug Fisher announced that the Health Department has their flu vaccine in stock and ready for vaccinations; Joy Davis reminded everyone to please get out and sell the Chili Dinner tickets.


Future program: 10/6 – Jake Hill; 10/13 – Holiday (no meeting); 10/20 – Possible
Highway Clean Up; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle; 11/1 – AutumnWarthman

Rotary Words of Wisdom: The very first project of the Rotary Club of Chicago was installation of public toilets in the city!

Joke of the Day: The students were lined up in the cafeteria for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note and posted on the apple tray: “Take only ONE. God is watching.” Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note: “take all you want – God is watching the apples.”


Today’s program was introduced by Marsha James. Her speaker was Roger Stivison. Roger wears quite a few hats these days, but two in particular were of interest to the Club. Roger is the Chairman of Logan Town Center and is also the Transportation Services Manager for Logan Transit.

Roger gave us a quick update on Logan Town Center. They are working to add more lights to the downtown are, mostly on the business fronts. These will be up all the time, not just at Christmas. They also have the 2014 edition of the Tombstone Travels coming up on Saturday, October 11. They will be “visiting” the occupants of the mausoleums at Oak Grove Cemetery this year.

Roger also gave us a brief overview of the Logan Transit program. In addition to serving Logan, they have extended their services out of Logan two miles, and are also serving Rockbridge and Haydenville. Initially there has not been much demand from those two communities, but they are working to get their message of availability out. They recently received their 9th vehicle to help expand their fleet. The vehicles primarily are funded by the federal government grant through grants, but the City of Logan does provide $10,000 per year in funding that acts as the local match for the federal grants. They currently have transportation contracts with Hocking College and Jobs and Family Services, and they do received some funding from the Logan-Holl Foundation.

Their offices are located at the Southeast Ohio Food Bank buildin. You can find Transportation Manager Jessica Strobe at that office where she works to coordinate not only Logan stops, but coordinates Athens Transport as well.

Thanks for a very informational program, Roger, and thanks to Marsha for inviting you!

9-22-2014 Luncheon

The first day of Autumn – and a lovely one, at that! Wish you had all been there!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson went into action and managed to have the small pot winning ticket for $13 drawn for the Kienzle table for the second week in a row – unfortunately, Larry Kienzle drew for the BIG POT of $421 and missed it by a whisker-he drew the King of Spades instead of the ACE! Maybe next week!


The Kienzle table occupants graciously donated their $13 small pot winnings back to the Club today.

Sgt. Larry picked on Susan Aldridge for having been gone so long, missing the Fair Gate duty and not mentioning Rotary in her advertising for Trucker’s Appreciation Week. Susan cried “uncle” and just threw him a $5!

Happy Bucks: John Smith was happy to report his son’s football team at Bexley is 4-0 so far this year; Mark Hamon is happy that his son is turning 10 this month; Doug Fisher is happy that Millersport is 4-0 this year; Bob Lilley decided to be happy to be back so he could afford a late fine; Andy McGhee chose to pay Larry to just go away; Jim Robinson remembered to be happy that one son will be 25 this month; Dick Brandt is happy to be celebrating his wife’s birthday this month, but refused to remember how old she is; Kathy Krumlauf was happy to have sponsored the Volley for the Cure fundraiser for LHS, and she had a chance to go to Cleveland and see her grandbabies this past weekend; Larry Menchoffer was happy to report to Larry Kienzel that he was late, and paid his fine!


President Doug gave a big “THANKX” to Bill Boone for attending the Rotary Foundation membership meeting this past weekend, in order for our Club to qualify for District grants this year.

Joy Davis passed around the sign up sheets for the Chili/Spaghetti Dinner on October 17 at LHS. The shifts are very short and we don’t need lots of people, so check your schedules and get signed up.

Andy McGhee asked that we all send business info and logos to him for inclusion on the Rotary web site (


One of the interesting tidbits of information about Rotary is how the organization got its name. When the Club was founded 110 years ago on February 23, 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago, there were four men in attendance – a lawyer, a coal merchant, a promoter and a tailor. Initially, the club’s meetings were “rotated” between each member’s business – hence the name “Rotary”. As well, the significance of the name becomes apparent on examination of the original plan of the club, which provided for rotation in the place of meeting, the the chairmanship, and even in membership which was to be continued for one year only.

Future programs: 9/29 – Marsha James; 10/6 – Jake Hill; 10/13 – Columbus Day Holiday; 10/20 – Possible highway clean up; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle.


Today’s program was a really entertaining and enlightening program provided by Joe Murtha. He treated us to a slide show or historic pictures of Logan. Many were remembered, but many were eye-opening! Who knew Logan had so many grocery stores – and TWO shoe stores! Bush’s Restaurant used to be an A & W; Sharff’s current location was a bowling alley; the current Sunnyside Grocery was Howard’s Grocery; Dan Alder’s office used to be a frozen food locker business! Who knew?

Many thanks to Joe and to Tom Price, owner of the slides.