Luncheon 3-30-2015

Lots of people last week, but very few this week – where’d everybody go?


Lottery Master Jim Robinson conducted the attendance drawing. The small pot of $19 went to the Murtha/McGreevy combo. Luckily for them, Mike McGreevy only pulled the Jack of Spades, not the Ace. No winner, and the BIG POT will continue to grow from $711 to even more!


Larry Kienzle did his usual thing, starting with a few bucks from McGreevy for the lottery win. He once again took $1 from Kathy Krumlauf for getting her pic in the paper too often. He tapped Mike McGreevy and Russ Rittgers for not having their Pancake tickets with them.

Happy Bucks came from Mark Hamon, who got to attend his first AAU basketball tournament; Damon Kuhn gave kudos to HVCH for their treatment of his father in his time of need; Bob Lilley wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Citizens Bank building where we store our pancake grills, etc. is for sale. We will need a new location to store all of these items. Put your thinking caps on so we can make this move soon! Jim Robinson gave a happy buck in honor of two Big 10 teams making it to the Final Four this year.


Damon said Friday was on target for a successful Fishing Day – hoping for good weather this year. He still needs help on Friday morning at 8 am to do the set up. Report to Rose Lake Dam if you have an hour or two to help.

Pancake Feast – everything is going well – JUST SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Upcoming programs: 4/6 – Jim Rogers; 4/13 – Lucy Burcham; 4/20 – Highway Clean Up; 4/27 – Steve Stirn.

Tuesday, April 7 – Board meeting at The Home Tavern at 5:30. Everyone is welcome.


Today’s program was presented by Jim Robinson. Jim distributed copies of some of the information in the recently completed survey by AdvancED Accreditation Commission. This survey is conducted every 5 years and is a comprehensive measurement of the effectiveness of Logan High School policies, procedures, curriculum and teachers. LHS is covered by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission which consists of 32,000 different education organization.

The process begins with a self evaluation, and that is followed by an actual property visit by an impartial panel of 7 education professionals. These individuals get to see everything! They talk to students, parents, teachers, administrators. They conducted 61 actual observations in the classroom.

The results were very impressive, with LHS scoring above average in 30 of the 31 established benchmarks of the review. The reports says “the team found the learning environment to be positive, rigorous, and enriched with dedicated teachers who want to offer a challenging, supportive and successful learning for their students. The team’s overall observations confirmed that Logan High School has encouraged a culture of students who enjoy learning.”

Congratulations to Jim and his staff for this excellent report!

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