Luncheon 3-23-2015

What a great day! Four full tables and multiple guests – what FUN!

Today’s guests included Shawna Stump, Asst. District Governor, Clay Gentzel, new Administrator at Logan Health Care and Amy Campbell, Admissions Director at Logan Health Care.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was amazed by an $18 small pot! Shawna pulled the winning ticket belonging to Andy McGhee – and thankfully for the rest of us, Andy DID NOT pull the Ace of Spades so the BIG POT continues to grow – should be over $700 next week! BE THERE or you don’t have a chance to win!


Larry Kienzle went to work, starting with Andy McGhee, who donated $5 of his lottery winning back to the Club; Kathy Krumlauf was fined for having her name in the paper too many times, and Andy Good was fined for advertising too much! Bill Rinehart got a pass for his picture and article in the paper, because he DID mention that he was a Rotarian! Cell phone users fined at the Kienzle table: Susan Aldridge, Van Cardaras, Joy Davis and James Martin (and he’s not even a member yet). Russ Rittgers, Doug Fisher, Jake Hill and Mark Hamon paid $1 for not having their Pancake Tickets with them.

Happy Bucks: Mark Hamon was happy to share a night at the NCAA Round 3 basketball games in Columbus with his son; Andy Good paid to announce that there were still tickets available for his upcoming concert at LHS on April 2nd; Jim Robinson paid $1 to commend OSU wrestlers for their championship performance; Van Cardaras paid to announce his 60th birthday; Dick Brandt paid to announce his 70th birthday last week; Doug Fisher apologized to James Martin for not introducing him as a guest, but made the mistake of calling him “Mr. Martin”, so he paid $1 for each infraction. Pam Cote was happy to announce she was going to see her daughter on leave next week.


If you don’t have your Pancake Tickets, please see Bob Lilley ASAP. Keep them with you at all times, and SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Damon Kuhn passed out Fishing Day flyers and asked for some donations today. He will need help at 8am on the morning of the event to get stuff down the hill for set up. Fish will arrive between 11:30 and Noon.

Andy McGhee announced that he and Damon Kuhn were planning on participating in the Cardboard City event that will be taking place at the Logan Campus of Hocking College. This is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. If you are interested in participating, give him a call.

Future programs: 3/30 – Jim Robinson; 4/6 – Jim Rogers; 4/13 – Lucy Burcham; 4/20 probable Highway Clean Up.


Today’s program was arranged by Christy Bosch, but introduced by Jim Robinson. He did an excellent job of explaining the YEA! Program (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) and reviewing how the program has been playing out in our area.

This is a long term event, which began last summer with an information session and ended at the end of February with the “Shark Tank” event. Logan’s winner was Bailey Simons. Bailey will be moving on to Regional competition in New York City. Winning at the Shark Tank event resulted in $3400 in investment capital along with a $500 Sam’s Club card. It appears that this amount of investment is a record for the YEA! Program and has been binging the local program a great deal of prestige.

Susan Rinehart was the Directors of the program and Melane Barlow was the Instructor. Bailey stated that they were very instrumental in the success of her presentation. She completed the program by giving us her 6 minute presentation of her project. She did an excellent job and will undoubtedly go far in this competition.

Thanks to Christy, Jim and Bailey for a great program!

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