9-29-2014 Luncheon

We had a lovely Fall day for our meeting on Monday, but where was everyone? Remember, when you don’t come, WE MISS YOU! And when you don’t come, it makes the Club look bad in the eyes of our program speakers who are speaking to an empty room!


LotteryMaster Jim Robinson has our guest speaker draw the winning ticket for $8 today and the winner was Damon Kuhn. He did NOT manage to find the winning card for the BIG POT!


Sgt. Kienzle started by taking $3 from Damon for the lottery fine (heavy duty fine for being gone so many weeks), plus $1 for not having his badge on. Damon then donated the rest of the $8 to the Club to announce the engagement of his daughter. The wedding is set for next August 16th – of course, we ALL expect an invitation!

Other Happy Bucks: Kathy Krumlauf paid $1 to advertise the HVCH Foundation Car Show coming up on Saturday, October 4. Lots of great door prizes, gorgeous cars, and special guest Chief Moe Michaels in her food truck “Bernadette”! She will be serving all of her old favorites from her Brass Ring days from her truck. Be there or be square!

John Smith shared that his son is no longer burdened with having an undefeated season at Bexley (So Sorry John!); Doug Fisher announced that the Health Department has their flu vaccine in stock and ready for vaccinations; Joy Davis reminded everyone to please get out and sell the Chili Dinner tickets.


Future program: 10/6 – Jake Hill; 10/13 – Holiday (no meeting); 10/20 – Possible
Highway Clean Up; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle; 11/1 – AutumnWarthman

Rotary Words of Wisdom: The very first project of the Rotary Club of Chicago was installation of public toilets in the city!

Joke of the Day: The students were lined up in the cafeteria for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note and posted on the apple tray: “Take only ONE. God is watching.” Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note: “take all you want – God is watching the apples.”


Today’s program was introduced by Marsha James. Her speaker was Roger Stivison. Roger wears quite a few hats these days, but two in particular were of interest to the Club. Roger is the Chairman of Logan Town Center and is also the Transportation Services Manager for Logan Transit.

Roger gave us a quick update on Logan Town Center. They are working to add more lights to the downtown are, mostly on the business fronts. These will be up all the time, not just at Christmas. They also have the 2014 edition of the Tombstone Travels coming up on Saturday, October 11. They will be “visiting” the occupants of the mausoleums at Oak Grove Cemetery this year.

Roger also gave us a brief overview of the Logan Transit program. In addition to serving Logan, they have extended their services out of Logan two miles, and are also serving Rockbridge and Haydenville. Initially there has not been much demand from those two communities, but they are working to get their message of availability out. They recently received their 9th vehicle to help expand their fleet. The vehicles primarily are funded by the federal government grant through grants, but the City of Logan does provide $10,000 per year in funding that acts as the local match for the federal grants. They currently have transportation contracts with Hocking College and Jobs and Family Services, and they do received some funding from the Logan-Holl Foundation.

Their offices are located at the Southeast Ohio Food Bank buildin. You can find Transportation Manager Jessica Strobe at that office where she works to coordinate not only Logan stops, but coordinates Athens Transport as well.

Thanks for a very informational program, Roger, and thanks to Marsha for inviting you!

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