9-15-2014 Luncheon

A lovely day in the Hocking Hills and a lovely day to finally return to Rotary! I’ve missed my usual Monday Noon group of friends, and hope that some of you even missed me!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson allowed ME to draw the winning ticket for the small pot of $10, and I succeeded in drawing the ticket for the Kienzle table! My efforts at pulling the winning ticket for the BIG POT of $408 was woefully unsuccessful!


Larry Kienzle accepted the gracious donation of the $10 lottery pot from the Kienzle table to begin his collection today. He followed by fining himself for allowing a member of the “other” Club to work with a Rotarian at the Fair Gates. He also fined Jake Hill $1 for taking a bogus $20 bill while selling tickets at the Fair.

Van Cardaras was deemed to have told a story that was not 100% truthful, so it cost him $1.

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Valery’s spouse Dutch is having a birthday this month, once again making him older than her!; Autumn Warthman had a birthday on the 4th and her son will have a birthday on Friday; Jake Hill and his lovely wife are celebrating their anniversary this month.

Happy Bucks: Bill Boone was happy to shoot a goose (and all the women ask WHY?); Andy Good was happy that his inspection last week kept him away from his usual work; Jon Mesarch was happy that the Buckeyes won; Van was happy that the Browns won; Jim Robinson was happy that the Buckeyes, Packers and the Chieftains won!

Bill paid $1 to advertise the Meet the Candidates Night event on Tuesday; Doug Fisher was happy that his son’s football team won in triple overtime.


Spaghetti/Chili Dinner tickets were handed out today. The packet has a value of $56 and these are one-way tickets – sell them or give them away, but turn in your money ASAP! The event is scheduled for Friday, October 17 at the LHS cafeteria. Andy McGhee will have flyers/sign available very soon.

Rotary Words of Wisdom from Pres. Doug: Sunday, Sept. 14th was the 200th anniversary of the penning of our National Athem, The Star Spangled Banner. It was written during the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, by Francis Scott Key. It has stood the test of time as a testament to the valour of the citizens of the USA and their dedication to the freedoms we old hold dear.

Upcoming programs: 9/22 – Joe Murtha; 9/29 – Marsha James; 10/6 – Jake Hill;

10/13 – Holiday-no meeting; 10/20 – possible Highway Clean Up.


Pres. Doug Fisher invited Judge Fred Moses to address the Club today about the ongoing drug rehabilitation program he has created in the Municipal Court.

Judge Moses was first elected in November of 2011, and quickly realized that many of those individual showing up in his court were in trouble with opiate addiction. Only 5 – 8% of the population are really “bad” people that need to go away somewhere. The rest of them just have a “problem” – poverty, mental illness, etc.

Judge Moses took it upon himself to study and learn how to overcome the addiction issues these people were facing, so that they could go back to building a real life. He created a drug rehabilitation program using another drug called Vivitrol. When taken properly, this drug eliminates the cravings for opiates, and makes it impossible for a person to get high if they do take them. After an individual is brought into the program, the first step is to get them clean and sober. The Vivitrol is administered every 28 days in an injection. During their time in rehab, they are very busy with visits to counselors, work programs, drug testing, etc.

So far the program has been amazingly successful and has been recognized statewide and nationally for its effectiveness. For anyone interested, Judge Moses invites the public to attend his drug court meetings every Thursday at Noon in the Municipal Courtroom.

Thanks to Doug and Judge Moses for an excellent presentation!

7-28 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: July 31, 2014

A really lovely day for a visit from our District Governor! And he brought lots of friends, too — District Governor Randy Davies (Chillicothe) and his lovely wife Kristi, Asst. District Governor Shawna Stump from Athens, District Governor Elect Tara Craybeek and District Governor Nominee Steve Sanbo.

Rotary Words of Wisdom: The 2014 Rotary Theme is “Light Up Rotary”.

“Light gives of itself Freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything
in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not
thereby diminished. – Michael Strassfeld

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.
Ben Sweetland


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was back to work today, and gave away the small pot of $14 to Dave Snipes. Luckily, Dave did not find the Ace for the BIG POT of $351!


Sgt. Larry Kienzle began with a $2 lottery fine to Dave Snipes; next was District Governor Randy for not drawing the Kienzle table’s lottery ticket (paid for by Pres. Doug), so Pres. Doug was fined for sucking up to District Governor Randy!

Late fines were levied on Shawna Stump and John Smith. Ties were noted and their wearers were fined: District and Asst. District Governor (Pres. Doug to the rescue again), Mark Hamon, Jake Hill and Ron Reed.

Happy Bucks: Van was happy that it was Pam’s 37th anniversary; Kathy Krumlauf had a great story of bike riding with Mike last Friday and crashing this year’s Pelatonia! A very interesting experience! Doug Fisher was happy that his meeting with the District Governor when well today; Susan Aldridge paid for an ad for the Smith Chapel Golf Tournament this weekend.


Susan Aldridge and Pres. Doug made a special presentation to Kirsten Conaway, our outbound exchange student due to depart for Taiwan on August 22. The club provided a beautiful, big PURPLE suitcase on wheels! District Governor Randy also informed us that the club that would be Kirsten’s host in Taiwan is the home club for our International President CK Huang! She will have a really great year with them.


Board meeting set for Tuesday, August 5 at the Home Tavern. Time is back to 5:30pm

Next programs: 8/4 Kathy Krumlauf; 8/11 Bob Lilley; 8/18 Highway Clean Up;
8/25 Lucy Burcham.


District Governor Randy Davies addressed the club today. He began his talk by teaching us the “Happy Clap” that Pres. Doug learned at PETS. It’s a nice way to say “good job” all together.

Randy let us know that the upper level officers of Rotary are aware that Rotary is changing. There are changing meeting times programs are different and even how we present ourselves to our communities has changed.

He encouraged us to use social media and our district web site to coordinate special events and get our events out to the public.

Membership is starting to bounce back in an upward direction. Our membership target this year is 4 new members per club in District 6690.

Our International Rotary efforts to eradicate Polio are coming very close to final success. Started in 1988, there are only 3 countries left with active cases of polio. The goal now is to eliminate those 3 countries by the end of 2015. Following 3 years without an outbreak, we will be able to celebrate the total eradication of this dreaded disease.

Randy encouraged the Club to maintain its level of contribution to the Paul Harris Foundation and the Rotary foundation, as well.

He ended his excellent presentation with an quotation often referenced by our International President – “Confucius says: It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness”.

Many thanks to District Governor Randy Davies for his wonderful presentation today!

7-21 Luncheon

Sent: July 25, 2014

We met again on Monday, and all feasted on “comfort food” – Lee makes a really good meatloaf!

Guests for the day were Tom Gates, father of recently returned exchange student Brenna Gates and Tom Feller, employee of Van Cardaras and Past President of the Rotary Club of Circleville.


Pam Miller from Atomic Credit Union won the small pot of $10 today, but was unable to find the winning card for the BIG POT of $337.


Larry Kienzle, having risen from the “wrong” chair at his regular table, tapped Pam Miller for a $2 lottery fine; Mike McGreevy was next on his list – something about Joy Davis and lots of $1 bills (I just know there is a story in there somewhere!); Joy then paid a fine for complaining about all those $1 bills; Larry fined Valery and Kathy for NOT sitting at his table.

Happy Bucks: Kathy Krumlauf was very happy to announce a successful weekend for the 29th HVCH Foundation Auction and Golf Tournament! Preliminary figures for the Auction total look to be around $25,000. Valery paid for an anniversary (44years!); Bob Lilley took the opportunity to compliment Kathy and everyone for the wonderful hospital event; Susan Aldridge thanked everyone for their good wishes on her new position as Greeter for the Hospital Auction; Joy Davis paid $1 to correct her information from last week – apparently the Hocking County population is now 29,000; Dick Brandt was fined for his picture in the paper, but didn’t think he should pay since they got his name wrong.


Just a reminder that Board meeting times have been changed back to 5:30 on the first Tuesday of each month at the Home Tavern. The first meeting will be 8/5/14.

Pres. Doug is still working on finalizing and updating the program list for this year. The upcoming programs are: 7/28 – District Governor’s Visit; 8/4 – Kathy Krumlauf; 8/11 – Bob Lilley; 8/18 – Highway Clean Up; 8/25 – Lucy Burcham.


Today’s program was presented by Susan Aldridge. She re-introduced the club to Brenna Gates, our 2013 outbound exchange student that went to Argentina. Brenna entertained us all with her rapid-fire Spanish, which she said was not as good as she thought it was when she first went there!

She showed us lots of lovely pictures of the places she visited and the people she stayed with. It was a real pleasure to see how much she had enjoyed her time away and how much she has matured during the time in Argentina.

Thanks for a great program, Susan and Brenna!

7-14 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: July 20, 2014

Note: Sorry for the delay in this newsletter. It’s been a VERY busy week for me!

Today’s meeting was under the direction of new President Doug Fisher, who seems to be settling in to the leadership role just fine! He plans to present the Club with some words of wisdom each week from other Rotary leaders. Today’s message was from Harry Rogers, San Antonio Rotary Club, 1927:

“The Rotary ideal is that within us that makes us know that when we are serving others, we are building ourselves.”


Lottery Master Jake Hill was the huge mistake of asking member Bill Boone to draw the winning ticket – and he immediately drew HIS OWN TICKET! While he did take home the $14 small pot, he DID NOT win the $326 BIG POT.


Sgt. Larry Kienzle tapped Bill Boone for the normal $2 lottery fine, plus $2 for drawing his own ticket; Larry & Joy Davis paid $1 for pictures in the paper, as did Steve Stirn and Christy Bosch; Dick Brandt paid a late $1 for the great article in the paper about his son Doug Brandt; John Smith and Andy McGhee paid for being late; Van Cardaras was fined for comments about his wife that Sgt. Larry deemed untrue and a violation of the Rotary Code (Pam is NOT mean – well, maybe only to Van!)

Happy Bucks: Bill Boone paid $1 for having a great time at Lilyfest; Jim Robinson announced that he was a new Grandpa; Susan Aldridge had a birthday; Doug Wells is missing his two boys who are on a mission trip.


Andy McGhee said his work day with the 4H kids and Boy Scouts was very productive. The next work day for Kachelmacker Park is July 29.

Board Meetings are moving back to 5:30 on the first Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is 8/5 at Home Tavern. Everyone is invited.

Program lists were passed around for editing and checking. See Doug Fisher if you have a problem with your date.

The Club received a nice thank you note from Sally & Bob Lilley for the gift in honor of their work over the years with the Pancake Feast.

Fudture programs: 7/21 – Susan Aldridge; 7/28 – District Governor’s visit; 8/4 – Kathy Krumlauf; 8/11 – Bob Lilley; 8/18 – Highway Clean Up


Today’s program was presented by Van Cardaras. Van went way out of his comfort zone and asked fellow Rotarian Joy Davis to talk to us about her programs with the Hocking County CIC.

Joy said that one of her first tasks when she came on board with the CIC was to create a strategic plan. She began by making a SWPO survey: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Within those 4 areas, she identified needed actions and has been working toward improvements. In Strengths, we have available employees, but they need additional training; in Weaknesses we have less than 50,000 in population and it anticipated that it will continue to fall – how can we attract more residents?; in Opportunities, we have 3 million visitors to the area every year – how do we put our best foot forward and capitalize on that; in Threats, we are battling the “hillbilly” persona that the outside world sees too often – how do we change that?

In all, she created a list of 27 actions to pursue and is well on the way to addressing them.

Thanks for all the great information, Joy!

6-16 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: June 19, 2014

A lovely day for a Rotary luncheon! Between Rotarians and guests, we had a great turn out. Our guests today were Kirsten Conaway, outbound exchange student and her parents, the Conaways and the Halls, Judy Roop and our current exchange student, Sachi.


Lottery Master Jake Hill had one of our guests draw a ticket and the small pot of $12 went to Bob Lilley – no winner for the BIG POT this week!


Sgt. Kienzle reported for duty and took his usual lottery fine. Next he hit Marsha James for having her phone ring twice, Autumn Warthman for having her name in the paper and not mentioning Rotary (and he fined himself for the same infraction), and took $1 from Ron Reed for being “tardy”.

Happy Bucks: Valery was happy to have a “happy” place to go for lunche on Mondays – which was promptly seconded and thirded by Pam Cote and Susan Aldridge.


We received a thank you letter from the Logan Library for our funding of their summer reading program.

We had a letter from the Upper Arlington Rotary Club – they are putting together a service trip to Guatemala in November. Give them a call if you are interested in going along.

Next week – no luncheon due to Highway Clean Up! Meet at Kachelmacker Park at 5:15 for Clean Up, followed by pizza at Pizza crossing at 6:30.

June 30th – no luncheon!!!! Meet at the American Legion (behind the Baymont) for the President’s Cook out. Hot dogs, hamburgers and sides provided as well as water and soft drings – if you want “adult beverages”, bring your own. Meet at 5:30 pm

Future programs: July 7 – Jon Mesarch; July 14 – Van Cardaras; July 21 – Susan Aldridge.


Prior to our regular program, we heard from Kirsten Conaway about her impending departure for a year in Taiwan. She has already done a short term summer exchange program in Japan, and she is looking forward to perfecting her Mandarin while in the country.

We also heard from Sachi regarding her time here in Logan. She had some really cute pictures and it seems that she has enjoyed her time in Logan.

Today’s program was provided by Joy Davis. She introduced Susan Rinehart (as if she needed an introduction!) and Susan told us about a new program called the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy.

This program is open, through an application process, to 24 students in the Logan Hocking School District. Students in grades 6 to 12 will participate in this after-school program to create their own business. They will learn all facets of setting up a business, such as marketing, finance, how to find investors, media, legal matters, etc. Each student will have one or more mentors and will spend a year developing their business and business plan to be entered into a competition on the local level. The local winner will go on to regional and national competition, with the ultimate winner appearing on the TV show “Shark Tank”.

The local Academy has received a grant from the US Chamber of Commerce and a grant from the Hocking County CIC. They are looking for speakers, mentors, sponsors, judges and just about anyone who wants to get involved in teaching these young people about business. For more information, contact Susan Rinehart at 740-974-1782, or by email at srinehart@lhsd.k12.oh.us .

6-9-14 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: June 12, 2014

A slightly dreary Monday seems to have kept a lot of members away this week, but those of us that attended had a wonderful time!


A small pot win of $13 went to Joe Murtha today, but he was not able to draw the winning card for the BIG POT of $287.


Larry Kienzle started with a standard $2 lottery fine to Joe Murtha, and then tapped Doug Fisher for a $1 for not getting someone to pull a lottery ticket from the Kienzle table.

Jake Hill was fined for making everyone else look bad by wearing a suit (but he did look nice in it!); Pam Cote was fined for actually showing up 2 weeks in a row!

Pres. Jon was hit for not having the flag in place and for skipping the prayer today.

Happy Bucks: Karen Raymore was happy to announce that Hocking Hills State Park was selected as one of the Top 10 State Parks in the country by Fodors; Susan Aldridge was happy that she had a great vacation (She said “if you ever want to feel GOOD about yourself, spend a few days at a water park!); Lucy Burcham was happy to announce that the Relay for Life event had wonderful weather and everything went very well last weekend; Russ Rittgers is celebrating his 31st anniversary this month and his daughter is celebrating her 23rd birthday; Pam Cote paid $1 to let everyone know that Logan native Nathan Chandler will be coming home from Afghanistan this Friday, and requested that everyone line St Rt. 664 from 33 into town around 6:30 pm to wave him home; Larry Menchhofer was happy to have his terrific guests with us today!


All of the Pancake Feast money is in, so we should have a final report on profits very soon.

Andy McGhee reported that they had a first planting party at Kachelmacker Park and everything went well. They will be painting on the 24th at 9am and possibly again on July 2 if needed (Did everyone get to see his picture in the paper this week? He made SURE he was identified as a Rotarian!)

Future programs: 6/16 Joy Davis; 6/23 – No lunch – Highway Clean Up; 6/30 – President’s Cookout


Today’s program was presented by Larry Menchhofer. He invited Dr. James Smith, Dean of Ohio University – Lancaster Campus. Dr. Smith brought along his Director of Development Mandy Custer.

Ohio University began opening branch campuses in 1946 with a site in Chillicothe, as part of the outreach veterans returning from WWII. The OU-L campus was started in 1956 using space at Lancaster High School. The built the current campus in 1968. They currerntly have 2600 students, 30% of which are older than 25 yrs! Interestingly, 15% of their student body come from Appalachian counties (Fairfield County is NOT part of that number), and the two largest feeder schools are Logan High School and Lancaster High School.

The mission of OU-L is to provide access to affordable education. Their annual cost is $5,000 – just half of the cost to attend OU in Athens. They have a wide variety of Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree programs available.

Many thanks to Larry, Dr. Smith and Mandy for sharing this glimpse into the workings of one of our most important educational assets in the area.