7-21 Luncheon

Sent: July 25, 2014

We met again on Monday, and all feasted on “comfort food” – Lee makes a really good meatloaf!

Guests for the day were Tom Gates, father of recently returned exchange student Brenna Gates and Tom Feller, employee of Van Cardaras and Past President of the Rotary Club of Circleville.


Pam Miller from Atomic Credit Union won the small pot of $10 today, but was unable to find the winning card for the BIG POT of $337.


Larry Kienzle, having risen from the “wrong” chair at his regular table, tapped Pam Miller for a $2 lottery fine; Mike McGreevy was next on his list – something about Joy Davis and lots of $1 bills (I just know there is a story in there somewhere!); Joy then paid a fine for complaining about all those $1 bills; Larry fined Valery and Kathy for NOT sitting at his table.

Happy Bucks: Kathy Krumlauf was very happy to announce a successful weekend for the 29th HVCH Foundation Auction and Golf Tournament! Preliminary figures for the Auction total look to be around $25,000. Valery paid for an anniversary (44years!); Bob Lilley took the opportunity to compliment Kathy and everyone for the wonderful hospital event; Susan Aldridge thanked everyone for their good wishes on her new position as Greeter for the Hospital Auction; Joy Davis paid $1 to correct her information from last week – apparently the Hocking County population is now 29,000; Dick Brandt was fined for his picture in the paper, but didn’t think he should pay since they got his name wrong.


Just a reminder that Board meeting times have been changed back to 5:30 on the first Tuesday of each month at the Home Tavern. The first meeting will be 8/5/14.

Pres. Doug is still working on finalizing and updating the program list for this year. The upcoming programs are: 7/28 – District Governor’s Visit; 8/4 – Kathy Krumlauf; 8/11 – Bob Lilley; 8/18 – Highway Clean Up; 8/25 – Lucy Burcham.


Today’s program was presented by Susan Aldridge. She re-introduced the club to Brenna Gates, our 2013 outbound exchange student that went to Argentina. Brenna entertained us all with her rapid-fire Spanish, which she said was not as good as she thought it was when she first went there!

She showed us lots of lovely pictures of the places she visited and the people she stayed with. It was a real pleasure to see how much she had enjoyed her time away and how much she has matured during the time in Argentina.

Thanks for a great program, Susan and Brenna!

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