7-28 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: July 31, 2014

A really lovely day for a visit from our District Governor! And he brought lots of friends, too — District Governor Randy Davies (Chillicothe) and his lovely wife Kristi, Asst. District Governor Shawna Stump from Athens, District Governor Elect Tara Craybeek and District Governor Nominee Steve Sanbo.

Rotary Words of Wisdom: The 2014 Rotary Theme is “Light Up Rotary”.

“Light gives of itself Freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything
in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not
thereby diminished. – Michael Strassfeld

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.
Ben Sweetland


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was back to work today, and gave away the small pot of $14 to Dave Snipes. Luckily, Dave did not find the Ace for the BIG POT of $351!


Sgt. Larry Kienzle began with a $2 lottery fine to Dave Snipes; next was District Governor Randy for not drawing the Kienzle table’s lottery ticket (paid for by Pres. Doug), so Pres. Doug was fined for sucking up to District Governor Randy!

Late fines were levied on Shawna Stump and John Smith. Ties were noted and their wearers were fined: District and Asst. District Governor (Pres. Doug to the rescue again), Mark Hamon, Jake Hill and Ron Reed.

Happy Bucks: Van was happy that it was Pam’s 37th anniversary; Kathy Krumlauf had a great story of bike riding with Mike last Friday and crashing this year’s Pelatonia! A very interesting experience! Doug Fisher was happy that his meeting with the District Governor when well today; Susan Aldridge paid for an ad for the Smith Chapel Golf Tournament this weekend.


Susan Aldridge and Pres. Doug made a special presentation to Kirsten Conaway, our outbound exchange student due to depart for Taiwan on August 22. The club provided a beautiful, big PURPLE suitcase on wheels! District Governor Randy also informed us that the club that would be Kirsten’s host in Taiwan is the home club for our International President CK Huang! She will have a really great year with them.


Board meeting set for Tuesday, August 5 at the Home Tavern. Time is back to 5:30pm

Next programs: 8/4 Kathy Krumlauf; 8/11 Bob Lilley; 8/18 Highway Clean Up;
8/25 Lucy Burcham.


District Governor Randy Davies addressed the club today. He began his talk by teaching us the “Happy Clap” that Pres. Doug learned at PETS. It’s a nice way to say “good job” all together.

Randy let us know that the upper level officers of Rotary are aware that Rotary is changing. There are changing meeting times programs are different and even how we present ourselves to our communities has changed.

He encouraged us to use social media and our district web site to coordinate special events and get our events out to the public.

Membership is starting to bounce back in an upward direction. Our membership target this year is 4 new members per club in District 6690.

Our International Rotary efforts to eradicate Polio are coming very close to final success. Started in 1988, there are only 3 countries left with active cases of polio. The goal now is to eliminate those 3 countries by the end of 2015. Following 3 years without an outbreak, we will be able to celebrate the total eradication of this dreaded disease.

Randy encouraged the Club to maintain its level of contribution to the Paul Harris Foundation and the Rotary foundation, as well.

He ended his excellent presentation with an quotation often referenced by our International President – “Confucius says: It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness”.

Many thanks to District Governor Randy Davies for his wonderful presentation today!

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