9-15-2014 Luncheon

A lovely day in the Hocking Hills and a lovely day to finally return to Rotary! I’ve missed my usual Monday Noon group of friends, and hope that some of you even missed me!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson allowed ME to draw the winning ticket for the small pot of $10, and I succeeded in drawing the ticket for the Kienzle table! My efforts at pulling the winning ticket for the BIG POT of $408 was woefully unsuccessful!


Larry Kienzle accepted the gracious donation of the $10 lottery pot from the Kienzle table to begin his collection today. He followed by fining himself for allowing a member of the “other” Club to work with a Rotarian at the Fair Gates. He also fined Jake Hill $1 for taking a bogus $20 bill while selling tickets at the Fair.

Van Cardaras was deemed to have told a story that was not 100% truthful, so it cost him $1.

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Valery’s spouse Dutch is having a birthday this month, once again making him older than her!; Autumn Warthman had a birthday on the 4th and her son will have a birthday on Friday; Jake Hill and his lovely wife are celebrating their anniversary this month.

Happy Bucks: Bill Boone was happy to shoot a goose (and all the women ask WHY?); Andy Good was happy that his inspection last week kept him away from his usual work; Jon Mesarch was happy that the Buckeyes won; Van was happy that the Browns won; Jim Robinson was happy that the Buckeyes, Packers and the Chieftains won!

Bill paid $1 to advertise the Meet the Candidates Night event on Tuesday; Doug Fisher was happy that his son’s football team won in triple overtime.


Spaghetti/Chili Dinner tickets were handed out today. The packet has a value of $56 and these are one-way tickets – sell them or give them away, but turn in your money ASAP! The event is scheduled for Friday, October 17 at the LHS cafeteria. Andy McGhee will have flyers/sign available very soon.

Rotary Words of Wisdom from Pres. Doug: Sunday, Sept. 14th was the 200th anniversary of the penning of our National Athem, The Star Spangled Banner. It was written during the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, by Francis Scott Key. It has stood the test of time as a testament to the valour of the citizens of the USA and their dedication to the freedoms we old hold dear.

Upcoming programs: 9/22 – Joe Murtha; 9/29 – Marsha James; 10/6 – Jake Hill;

10/13 – Holiday-no meeting; 10/20 – possible Highway Clean Up.


Pres. Doug Fisher invited Judge Fred Moses to address the Club today about the ongoing drug rehabilitation program he has created in the Municipal Court.

Judge Moses was first elected in November of 2011, and quickly realized that many of those individual showing up in his court were in trouble with opiate addiction. Only 5 – 8% of the population are really “bad” people that need to go away somewhere. The rest of them just have a “problem” – poverty, mental illness, etc.

Judge Moses took it upon himself to study and learn how to overcome the addiction issues these people were facing, so that they could go back to building a real life. He created a drug rehabilitation program using another drug called Vivitrol. When taken properly, this drug eliminates the cravings for opiates, and makes it impossible for a person to get high if they do take them. After an individual is brought into the program, the first step is to get them clean and sober. The Vivitrol is administered every 28 days in an injection. During their time in rehab, they are very busy with visits to counselors, work programs, drug testing, etc.

So far the program has been amazingly successful and has been recognized statewide and nationally for its effectiveness. For anyone interested, Judge Moses invites the public to attend his drug court meetings every Thursday at Noon in the Municipal Courtroom.

Thanks to Doug and Judge Moses for an excellent presentation!

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