Luncheon 5-18-15

Where is everybody? Have vacations started already? Is there a black cloud over Lee’s Banquet Haus? Two weeks in a row of lousy attendance will now be followed by a Holiday with no meeting. Let’s see if we can get everyone back in their seats on June 1! Be there or be warned – we can always track you down and DRAG you in!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson conducted this week’s drawing and awarded the small pot of $15 to the Kienzle table. Unfortunately, Valery Junge was not able to find the winning card for the BIG POT of $47 (Woo-hoo!), but she was officially declared the Queen of Clubs (the card she drew).


Larry Kienzle began his hunt for dollars by accepting the donation of the $15 lottery pot on behalf of the club. President Elect Bill Boone (who was running the meeting in Doug Fisher’s absence) was fined for misspeaking in regard to the induction of new members to be held shortly; Van Cardaras was fined for not remembering the difference between a “Pap Smear” and his “C-Pap”. We need to talk to Pam about this! Bob Lilly and Jake Hill were fined for being tardy (and John Smith isn’t late anymore, now that he retired!). Sgt. Larry also asked if anyone in attendance had not paid for their Pancake tickets, and Andy McGhee had to pay up for being tardy in that regard.

Happy Bucks: Jim Robinson was happy to donate a buck and advise us all that the Girl’s Track Team won the league title this past weekend; Paula Stewart was happy to be having a chance to go home this coming weekend to see family; Kathy Krumlauf was happy to announce the success of the The Garden Affair; Valery was happy to be able to thank all of the generous Rotarians that donated bottles of wine for the Rotary Club’s “sponsorship” of the event; Bill Boone was happy that his son, attending Wittenberg College, did well on his golf team’s first “scramble”


Pres.Select Boone announced that there are currently 10 members who have not paid for their Pancake tickets! Please get this settled ASAP so we can finalize this event!!!!

We received a wonderful thank you note from Tyler Wright, recipient of our Logan Rotary Club scholarship this year.

Pres.Select Boone called Kathy Krumlauf to the front to handle the inductions of three new Rotarians: Paula Stewart, Clay Enslen and Julie Stuck.

Paula Stewart is the Manage at Citizens Bank. She has been in Logan for several years, some at another financial institution, but she is happy to be at Citizens Bank now. She has two children and 5 grandchildren.

Clay Enslen is the Administrator at Logan Health Care. He grew up in Pomeroy and is happy to be in the SE Ohio area again. He has three daughters (poor man!) and is looking forward to getting to know all of us.

Julie Stuck is the CEO of Hocking Valley Comm. Hospital. She has been employed there in various capacities for over 18 years. She is married with 1 daughter, 2 step sons and 7 grandchildren. Her daughter is graduating from college this year – and she is planning a wedding for 6 weeks after graduation. I think Julie is going to be busy for a few more weeks before we can pull her into full immersion in Rotary activities!

Welcome to the Club to you ALL! We look forward to working with you for a better community.


Today’s program was presented by Minchon Vickers, Sanitarian with the Hocking County Health Department. Minchon is originally from China, but has been in the USA for over 21 years. She is married with 1 daughter (graduating on Saturday from high school). Minchon is the Food Safety specialist for the County Health Department.

Based on recent events in Lancaster, Minchon spoke to us about botulism. Botulism is an anerobic bacteria – it only grows without oxygen, which is why it happens in home-canned foods so often. Exposure to botulism has a high fatality rate, especially is a person’s immune system is already compromised. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless.

In addition, Minchon gave us information on several other possible bacterias that can be harmful if ingested.

The bottom line – wash all produce thoroughly and don’t eat home canned food!!!

Thanks for a wonderful program, Minchon!

REMEMBER – No meeting for the Memorial Day Holiday!


Cardboard City 2015

The Cardboard City is an awareness fundraiser sponsored by Habitat for Humanity.

Pictured are Andrew McGhee, Damon Kuhn, Madison McGhee, and Sophie McGhee for team Logan Rotary.

“The issue that we’re addressing is substandard housing in our region,” said Amber Mendenhall, director of community engagement. “So people donate and they volunteer their time for a couple of hours to build a cardboard house.”

This is the ninth annual cardboard city event hosted by Habitat for Humanity, but it is the first year that part of the event has been held in Hocking County, which is one of seven different service areas serviced by Habitat. So far, they have raised $4,200.

Two groups from Hocking College, one group from the Logan Rotary Club, and also a group from the Logan High School drama department all participated on Saturday April 25th, 2015. The Logan Rotary Club took home the “Most Creative” Award with their End Polio Castle design.

IMG_1627 IMG_1632
IMG_1633 IMG_1631

Family Fishing Day 2015

8th Annual Family Fishing Day

When: Friday, April 3rd, 2015 (Good Friday – School holiday)

Time: 10am- 2pm at Rose Lake (Old Man’s Cave Campground)

Come drop your line in at Rose Lake on the day of the annual stocking of the trout! A great family bonding experience!

Free Tee Shirt 1st 25 Kids and Lots of prizes for all..

Take St. Rt. 664 south to HHSP Campground office – Get visitor pass at Drive Thru Window – park at Campground swimming pool and walk to Rose Lake Dam.

Rotary of Logan Thanks ServiceMaster Restore, Walmart, “Luther”, Grafix by Dezign and Hocking Hills Banking Center
For supporting this event.

Any Questions, Call Damon Kuhn 740-808-2281

9-22-2014 Luncheon

The first day of Autumn – and a lovely one, at that! Wish you had all been there!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson went into action and managed to have the small pot winning ticket for $13 drawn for the Kienzle table for the second week in a row – unfortunately, Larry Kienzle drew for the BIG POT of $421 and missed it by a whisker-he drew the King of Spades instead of the ACE! Maybe next week!


The Kienzle table occupants graciously donated their $13 small pot winnings back to the Club today.

Sgt. Larry picked on Susan Aldridge for having been gone so long, missing the Fair Gate duty and not mentioning Rotary in her advertising for Trucker’s Appreciation Week. Susan cried “uncle” and just threw him a $5!

Happy Bucks: John Smith was happy to report his son’s football team at Bexley is 4-0 so far this year; Mark Hamon is happy that his son is turning 10 this month; Doug Fisher is happy that Millersport is 4-0 this year; Bob Lilley decided to be happy to be back so he could afford a late fine; Andy McGhee chose to pay Larry to just go away; Jim Robinson remembered to be happy that one son will be 25 this month; Dick Brandt is happy to be celebrating his wife’s birthday this month, but refused to remember how old she is; Kathy Krumlauf was happy to have sponsored the Volley for the Cure fundraiser for LHS, and she had a chance to go to Cleveland and see her grandbabies this past weekend; Larry Menchoffer was happy to report to Larry Kienzel that he was late, and paid his fine!


President Doug gave a big “THANKX” to Bill Boone for attending the Rotary Foundation membership meeting this past weekend, in order for our Club to qualify for District grants this year.

Joy Davis passed around the sign up sheets for the Chili/Spaghetti Dinner on October 17 at LHS. The shifts are very short and we don’t need lots of people, so check your schedules and get signed up.

Andy McGhee asked that we all send business info and logos to him for inclusion on the Rotary web site (


One of the interesting tidbits of information about Rotary is how the organization got its name. When the Club was founded 110 years ago on February 23, 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago, there were four men in attendance – a lawyer, a coal merchant, a promoter and a tailor. Initially, the club’s meetings were “rotated” between each member’s business – hence the name “Rotary”. As well, the significance of the name becomes apparent on examination of the original plan of the club, which provided for rotation in the place of meeting, the the chairmanship, and even in membership which was to be continued for one year only.

Future programs: 9/29 – Marsha James; 10/6 – Jake Hill; 10/13 – Columbus Day Holiday; 10/20 – Possible highway clean up; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle.


Today’s program was a really entertaining and enlightening program provided by Joe Murtha. He treated us to a slide show or historic pictures of Logan. Many were remembered, but many were eye-opening! Who knew Logan had so many grocery stores – and TWO shoe stores! Bush’s Restaurant used to be an A & W; Sharff’s current location was a bowling alley; the current Sunnyside Grocery was Howard’s Grocery; Dan Alder’s office used to be a frozen food locker business! Who knew?

Many thanks to Joe and to Tom Price, owner of the slides.

9-15-2014 Luncheon

A lovely day in the Hocking Hills and a lovely day to finally return to Rotary! I’ve missed my usual Monday Noon group of friends, and hope that some of you even missed me!


Lottery Master Jim Robinson allowed ME to draw the winning ticket for the small pot of $10, and I succeeded in drawing the ticket for the Kienzle table! My efforts at pulling the winning ticket for the BIG POT of $408 was woefully unsuccessful!


Larry Kienzle accepted the gracious donation of the $10 lottery pot from the Kienzle table to begin his collection today. He followed by fining himself for allowing a member of the “other” Club to work with a Rotarian at the Fair Gates. He also fined Jake Hill $1 for taking a bogus $20 bill while selling tickets at the Fair.

Van Cardaras was deemed to have told a story that was not 100% truthful, so it cost him $1.

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Valery’s spouse Dutch is having a birthday this month, once again making him older than her!; Autumn Warthman had a birthday on the 4th and her son will have a birthday on Friday; Jake Hill and his lovely wife are celebrating their anniversary this month.

Happy Bucks: Bill Boone was happy to shoot a goose (and all the women ask WHY?); Andy Good was happy that his inspection last week kept him away from his usual work; Jon Mesarch was happy that the Buckeyes won; Van was happy that the Browns won; Jim Robinson was happy that the Buckeyes, Packers and the Chieftains won!

Bill paid $1 to advertise the Meet the Candidates Night event on Tuesday; Doug Fisher was happy that his son’s football team won in triple overtime.


Spaghetti/Chili Dinner tickets were handed out today. The packet has a value of $56 and these are one-way tickets – sell them or give them away, but turn in your money ASAP! The event is scheduled for Friday, October 17 at the LHS cafeteria. Andy McGhee will have flyers/sign available very soon.

Rotary Words of Wisdom from Pres. Doug: Sunday, Sept. 14th was the 200th anniversary of the penning of our National Athem, The Star Spangled Banner. It was written during the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, by Francis Scott Key. It has stood the test of time as a testament to the valour of the citizens of the USA and their dedication to the freedoms we old hold dear.

Upcoming programs: 9/22 – Joe Murtha; 9/29 – Marsha James; 10/6 – Jake Hill;

10/13 – Holiday-no meeting; 10/20 – possible Highway Clean Up.


Pres. Doug Fisher invited Judge Fred Moses to address the Club today about the ongoing drug rehabilitation program he has created in the Municipal Court.

Judge Moses was first elected in November of 2011, and quickly realized that many of those individual showing up in his court were in trouble with opiate addiction. Only 5 – 8% of the population are really “bad” people that need to go away somewhere. The rest of them just have a “problem” – poverty, mental illness, etc.

Judge Moses took it upon himself to study and learn how to overcome the addiction issues these people were facing, so that they could go back to building a real life. He created a drug rehabilitation program using another drug called Vivitrol. When taken properly, this drug eliminates the cravings for opiates, and makes it impossible for a person to get high if they do take them. After an individual is brought into the program, the first step is to get them clean and sober. The Vivitrol is administered every 28 days in an injection. During their time in rehab, they are very busy with visits to counselors, work programs, drug testing, etc.

So far the program has been amazingly successful and has been recognized statewide and nationally for its effectiveness. For anyone interested, Judge Moses invites the public to attend his drug court meetings every Thursday at Noon in the Municipal Courtroom.

Thanks to Doug and Judge Moses for an excellent presentation!