Luncheon 2-23-2015

A great day at Rotary! Lots of members in attendance and numerous guests, as well. Joining us today were: James Martin, Columbus Washboard Factory; Greg Vermillion, Citizens Bank; Abbey Saving, Logan City Law Director; Geoff Grimes, Atomic Credit Union. Thank you all for coming!

Our fearless leader, Pres. Doug Fisher, was not in attendance today, so we were being led by President Elect Bill Boone. We don’t have him fully training yet, so he messed up our order of service slightly, but we have time, yet, to whip him into shape!


Lottery Master requested guest Abbey Saving to draw the winning ticket, and the small pot of $14 was awarded to Dan Dozer. Luckily, Dan DID NOT find the right card for the BIG POT of $634, so it continues to grow! You can’t afford to miss out on a chance to win this money – be sure to be at every meeting and buy your tickets!


Sgt. Larry Kienzle took the standard $2 from Dan Dozer for the lottery fine; Bill Boone paid $1 for screwing up the order of the meeting;Joy Davis, Kathy Krumlauf and Steve Stirn all paid $1 each for having their picture in the paper and not telling the world that they were Rotarians; Bill Boone was hit for another buck when he tried to shut down the Sgt at Arms work before he was done.

Happy Bucks: Joy was happy that the Girl Scout cookies were in; Susan Aldridge was happy that Larry didn’t fine her for selling/collecting for Girl Scout cookies; Marsha James was happy it wasn’t snowing (and then Larry took another dollar for keeping the wrong tickets in the attendance drawing); Kathy Krumlauf paid $1 to pass out “Save the Date” notices for the 2nd annual Garden Affair for the Hocking Valley Community Hospital Foundation; Russ Ritggers was happy to be back at meetings; Jim Robinson was happy to announce that his son, Ralph, had a 61′ throw in the 35lb throw and is now ranked 20th in the nation!


“Less is more”.


Today’s program was presented by Jim Robinson. Jim is the Principal of Logan High School and he brought our current inbound Exchange student, Sergio Barreda, to make a presentation about his time in our country.

Sergio is from a mid-size town in southern Peru called Tacna. He is affiliated with the Tacna Rotary Club and has been here in Logan for approximatel 6 months. At just 16 years old (will be 17 in two months), Sergio is a very impressive young man. His English is remarkable good and he was well prepared with his delivery of his program. He also handled questions from the audience with ease. His video presentation of the sites and sounds of Peru was very interesting. He will return to Peru and college, studying engineering, at the end of his year in the United States.

Thanks, Jim, for giving us the opportunity to get to know Sergio better – and thanks, also, to Sergio for sharing his homeland with us.

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