Luncheon 4-13-2015

A lovely Spring day made for a festive atmosphere at lunch today – or was it that chance to win over $700 in the attendance drawing?

Guests for the day were Julie Stuck, CEO for Hocking Valley Community Hospital; Paula Stewart, Asst. Vice-president from Citizens Bank and Clay Enslen, Administrator from Logan Health Care Center.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson was masterful in his handling of this exceptionally tense drawing – and the small pot of $20 went to the Kienzle table! New member James Martin was tapped to draw for the BIG POT of $734 (the last BIG POT winner was a new member), but he was only able to find the ten of hearts. We could hit $750 by the next luncheon – be there or BE A LOSER!


Larry Kienzle accepted the $20 lottery pot donation by the entire table in lieu of the traditional lottery fine. Pres. Doug was hit with a $1 fine for almost forgetting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by another fine for not offering Larry an additional beverage as he did the others at the table.

Lucy Burcham was fined for not publishing enough pictures of Rotarians in the paper, and Mark Hamon, Russ Rittgers and Andy McGhee paid the price for not having Pancake tickets in the possession.

Happy Bucks: Dick Brandt was bragging about a wonderful family vacation in both Arizona and California; Valery was happy to have had a beautiful weekend; Susan Aldridge is counting down the days until her next trip to Disney (on Wednesday) and Lucy Burcham is celebrating her 27th anniversary and her daughter’s bridal shower.


Pancake Feast – sign up sheet was being passed around today. Be sure to get your spot and/or call Pres. Doug to let him know when you can work.

Next week – no lunch, but Highway Clean Up at 5:15 at Kachelmacher Park. For new members, please wear work clothes – long pants, boots/tennis shoes/gloves and anything else you might need on the side of the road! We need 16 people to get done in 45 minutes, then everyone goes to Pizza Crossing for a fun dinner!

Future programs: 4/20 – Highway Clean Up; 4/27 Steve Stirn; 5/4 Pam Miller.


Today’s program was presented by Lucy Burcham. Her speakers for the day were Deb Thompson and Cathy Blackstone from the American Cancer Society. They both spoke eloquently about their personal experiences with cancer and why they are involved with the American Center Society.

Their main focus today was to remind us of the upcoming Relay for Life. The event is scheduled for June 6th. The first part of the event is the “Trot for Life” dedicated to Neil Shaw which begins at Noon. There is also a memorial Luminary Walk at 9pm.

Both ladies urged us all to get involved as corporate sponsors or as sponsors of a team or an individual walker. We thank them both, as well as all of the other volunteers involved in this event, for all of their tireless efforts.

Thanks Deb, Cathy and Lucy for a great program!

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