6-9-14 Rotary Luncheon

Sent: June 12, 2014

A slightly dreary Monday seems to have kept a lot of members away this week, but those of us that attended had a wonderful time!


A small pot win of $13 went to Joe Murtha today, but he was not able to draw the winning card for the BIG POT of $287.


Larry Kienzle started with a standard $2 lottery fine to Joe Murtha, and then tapped Doug Fisher for a $1 for not getting someone to pull a lottery ticket from the Kienzle table.

Jake Hill was fined for making everyone else look bad by wearing a suit (but he did look nice in it!); Pam Cote was fined for actually showing up 2 weeks in a row!

Pres. Jon was hit for not having the flag in place and for skipping the prayer today.

Happy Bucks: Karen Raymore was happy to announce that Hocking Hills State Park was selected as one of the Top 10 State Parks in the country by Fodors; Susan Aldridge was happy that she had a great vacation (She said “if you ever want to feel GOOD about yourself, spend a few days at a water park!); Lucy Burcham was happy to announce that the Relay for Life event had wonderful weather and everything went very well last weekend; Russ Rittgers is celebrating his 31st anniversary this month and his daughter is celebrating her 23rd birthday; Pam Cote paid $1 to let everyone know that Logan native Nathan Chandler will be coming home from Afghanistan this Friday, and requested that everyone line St Rt. 664 from 33 into town around 6:30 pm to wave him home; Larry Menchhofer was happy to have his terrific guests with us today!


All of the Pancake Feast money is in, so we should have a final report on profits very soon.

Andy McGhee reported that they had a first planting party at Kachelmacker Park and everything went well. They will be painting on the 24th at 9am and possibly again on July 2 if needed (Did everyone get to see his picture in the paper this week? He made SURE he was identified as a Rotarian!)

Future programs: 6/16 Joy Davis; 6/23 – No lunch – Highway Clean Up; 6/30 – President’s Cookout


Today’s program was presented by Larry Menchhofer. He invited Dr. James Smith, Dean of Ohio University – Lancaster Campus. Dr. Smith brought along his Director of Development Mandy Custer.

Ohio University began opening branch campuses in 1946 with a site in Chillicothe, as part of the outreach veterans returning from WWII. The OU-L campus was started in 1956 using space at Lancaster High School. The built the current campus in 1968. They currerntly have 2600 students, 30% of which are older than 25 yrs! Interestingly, 15% of their student body come from Appalachian counties (Fairfield County is NOT part of that number), and the two largest feeder schools are Logan High School and Lancaster High School.

The mission of OU-L is to provide access to affordable education. Their annual cost is $5,000 – just half of the cost to attend OU in Athens. They have a wide variety of Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree programs available.

Many thanks to Larry, Dr. Smith and Mandy for sharing this glimpse into the workings of one of our most important educational assets in the area.

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