11-10-2014 Luncheon

Well, it seems that many of you thought there was no meeting on Monday! However, the hearty band of 15 Rotarians enjoyed our lunch and program! Stand in for Pres. Doug today was Past President Valery Junge.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson conducted the attendance drawing, and despite the fact that the Kienzle table held ½ of all the tickets, the small pot of $8 was won by Bob Lilley. It was fortunate for everyone else that he was unable to pick the winning card for the BIG POT of $493!


The “pickins” were slim today for the Sgt. Kienzle, so after assessing a lottery fine of $2 on Bob Lilley, he opened the floor for Happy Bucks:

Jim Robinson was happy – OSU won and Green Bay won
Susan Aldridge was happy – her son had successful eye surgery and is recovering at
Jake Hill was happy – he was celebrating the 239th birthday of the Marine Corp.
Andy Good was happy – his son had his first birthday
Jim Rogers was happy – the country is celegrating Veteran’s Day and he had a good
hunting trip
Joe Murtha was happy – great trip to North Caroline to see his granddaughter play


Reminder – Rotary Christmas Party on December 15 at Lee’s Banquet Haus

We are collecting toys each Monday throughout November for donation to the Toys to Share organization. Just bring them to lunch and Pres. Doug will deliver them.

We are also collecting hats and gloves (and/or cash donations) to be delivered to the elementary school principals for children in need.

Future programs: 11/17 – Bill Rineharat; 11/24 – Damon Kuhn; 12/1 – Valery Junge; 12/8 – Bill Boone; 12/15 Christmas Party

Valery asked for a show of hands of those present if they were Veterans – and almost half of those in attendance were able to raise their hands! We thank you for your service!Please take the time to remember the sacrifices of all Veterans.


Today’s program was provided by Pres. Doug and the Hocking County Health Department. We were addressed by Kelly Brehm, Public Health nurse and WIC professional since October 2012. Kelly is a graduate of OU – Chillicothe.

Kelly’s program today was titled “The Business Case for Breastfeeding”.

Considering that 60% of all women work outside the home, and 55” of working women with children under 3 are employed outside the home, it seems inevitable that one or more of your employees will be a mother who wants to breastfeed.

Supporting breastfeeding within your business is a win/win situation. Statistically, women who breastfeed recover from childbirth faster and have a lower risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis. Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of ear infections, respiratory problems, dermatitis and gastrointestinal disorders. Providing space and time for breastfeeding mothers can also help with employee retention.

It’s very easy to extend this support to your female employees. You need only provide a small (4′ by 5′) space separate from your usual employee bathroom that has running water, and electrical outlet and a lock on the door. The employee will need to have 2 to 3 15minute breaks during the day for expressing milk.

Kelly Brehm is available for consultation at any time for women who need assistance with breastfeeding and for companies interested in being supportive of this endeavor.

Thank you, Kelly, for an informative program.

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