Project Mingo Shelter

A little over 20 years ago, the Logan Rotary Club helped finance and build the shelter house at Mingo Park between the baseball fields and the children’s playground area. While the City of Logan did put on a new roof 2 years ago, the rafters supporting the roof have now become loose or broken due to age and people hanging from them. Rotarian Jim Robinson saw the need for the repairs but knew the city had many other repair projects that took priority. So Rotarian Jim took the opportunity to help by taking the project idea to his fellow club members.

With the members and financial support from the Logan Rotary Club, the rafters have now all been permanently repaired with new 2×4’s and bolts. The beat up gutters were also taken down to allow water to disperse evenly around the structure instead of pooling in one spot where the downspout was broken off.

Thank you Rotarian Jim for tackling this worthy project!

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