10-6-2014 Luncheon

A dreary day with a storm threatening couldn’t keep a nice group of Rotarians from showing up for lunch. Our guest today was Todd Shelton from Sen. Portman’s office.


Lottery Master Jim Robinson asked Mr. Shelton to chose the winning lottery ticket for the small pot of $12, and the winner was Dan Dozer – his very first time to win! Fortunately for the rest of us, he was unable to find the winning card for the BIG POT of $441!


Larry Kienzle began with the standard $2 lottery fine to Dan Dozer, followed by a $1 fine to Pres. Doug for forgetting to introduce our guest at the appropriate time. Late fines were levied on Jon Mesarch (now that he’s a Past President, he doesn’t need to be on time?), Andy McGhee, John Smith.

Happy Bucks: Doug Wells donated $5 for lots of happy birthdays and other sentiments-he’s been away for a while, Christy Bosch was happy to announce a new granddaughter, born on 9/18 (she’s been away for a while, also!); Doug Fisher paid $1 to announce again that the Health Department has flu vaccine in stock and is giving shots; Kathy Krumlauf was happy to have had a chance to read to her granddaughter’s preschool class, and also gave thanks that they were able to hold the HVCH Car Show, even though it ended early due to weather (and for those who were there, we had the opportunity to enjoy some great food from Chef Moe’s Food truck!); Val was just happy to have a chance to laugh a little on a Monday; Scott Ratliff announced that he successfully completed his Master’s Degree program; Bill Boone gave a plug for the Fairfield County Fair and said to stop by and see him there, right next door to the Clydesdales!; Van Cardaras was ecstatic that the Cleveland Browns managed to win a football game.


Remember – Spaghetti/Chili supper coming up on October 17 at the LHS cafeteria. They can use some more help at 4:30 for the set up. SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Future programs: 10/13 – Holiday (no meeting);10/20 – ????; 10/27 – Larry Kienzle; 11/3 – Autumn Warthman; 11/10 – Marion Riggs.

Words of Wisdom:
Today’s Words of Wisdom were read to the Club from an email received from our foreign exchange student Kierstin Conaway, who is currently in Taiwan. She is enjoying her time there already and learning a lot! If you have a minute, drop her an email of encouragement at conaway1996@gmail.com.


Today’s program was presented by Jake Hill. Jake invited Danielle Arnett, HVCH Wellness Coordinator, to address the Club and update us on the HVCH Wellness programs.

Danielle gave us some background on HVCH and their commitment to employee wellness that began in 2007. Their focus is primarily on prevention in the population, as a whole. They began with implementing annual health assessments for employees, and then developed classes, challenges and initiatives to address the needs of their staff.

Now, HVCH is expanding those Wellness programs and making many of their initiatives available to the general public, as well. One of their newer efforts is the Wellness Calendar. This flyer lists a number of informational classes and physical challenges that any citizen can attend and participate in. You can find the current calendar on Facebook at hvch.org or visit www.hvch.org.

Danielle also announced that new physician Dr. Woltz will be starting a running club that he will personally lead.

HVCH is also continuing their Wellness partnerships with the Hocking County employee group and the LHSD employee group. For kids, they are continuing their Whole Fit programs that are implemented in the Before Care group of kids at the Elementary level, and will also keep holding their Whole Fit Camp during the summer. This Camp works on disease prevention through behaviour modification.

Thanks for the update, Danielle, and thanks to Jake Hill for inviting you to address the Club!

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